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Ancient Egypt Free download ✓ 105 characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Marcia Williams Marcia Williams ✓ 5 characters Ut's tomb and the rise of Cleopatra with Rami Ra's beloved cat highlighting Egypt's many cultural and technological advances along the way An instantly engaging accessible introduction to an ancient civilization this collection of stories is sure to fascinate and inspire young Egyptologis This book provides a journey through Ancient Egyptian history beginning with Ra and the birth of Egypt all the way to Cleopatra the last of Egypt s great Pharaohs The book is a uick glance at Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs highlighting the most famous The book is written in a graphic novel format with beautiful atypical Egyptian artistryPersonally I really enjoyed this book I love Ancient Egyptian history and I felt the illustrations did it justice and then some In addition not typically being a graphic novel fan I liked how this illustrator balanced the text with the pictures sometimes I feel the word bubbles go over the top making the book confusing to read however this writer used blocks below the pictures for the story and word bubbles with simple little funny comments making it clear where to go next within the story I think this book would be good for grade 3rd grade and up

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Free download ✓ 105 characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Marcia Williams Marcia Williams ✓ 5 characters With compelling comic style illustrations a colossus's worth of facts and dramatic fold out spreads Marcia Williams brings Egyptian myths to lifeThe stories of the Egyptian pharaohs and their ancient gods are full of mystery and adventure In this retelling of nine tales of ancient Egypt M Reason for Reading I love mythology Egyptian Mythology and this series of books by Marcia WilliamsTypical of Marcia Williams books this is set up in a comic strip format with the narrative told underneath the strips and funny comical asides coming from the characters depicted in the cartoons The most popular tales are told here in a fairly linear order so that one story leads onto the next with the exception of jumping many years to Cleopatra at the end The book begins with the mythology of Ra Isis Thoth etc and goes on to tell the tales of famous pharaohs Hatsheput Thutmose Tut Cleopatra etc So the book isn t entirely mythology though myths do surround some of the Pharaohs Williams artwork is beautiful as usual and the book includes two spreads where the pages unfold outwards to create large panoramic scenes One thing that is missing from her other books is the usual detailed framed artwork around each page here she has simply framed each piece with what look like papyrus plants An added plus though is along the bottom of each page is a continuous ticker where a cat tells a running commentary on interesting facts about Egyptian life the role of cats of course agriculture mummies inventions etc A gorgeous book when all said and done the tales are a good selection for an introduction to Egyptian mythology and pharaohs

Marcia Williams ✓ 5 characters

Ancient Egypt Free download ✓ 105 characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Marcia Williams Marcia Williams ✓ 5 characters Arcia Williams uses her signature comic strip style to capture the rich mythology and early history of this great civilization Beginning with powerful Ra rising from the waters of the Nile to create the gods of the earth sky and rain Ancient Egypt takes readers through the curse of King T Two Graphic Novels Book 1Ancient Egypt Tales of Gods Pharaohs by Marcia Williams c February 26 2013 Genre Traditional LiteratureTarget Audience PrimaryText to text I believe this text could be incorporated and paired when learning about ancient Egypt mythology and early history such as King Tut and Cleopatra In this graphic novel nine classic tales of ancient civilization within Egypt is retold by incorporating engaging comic illustrations Children may become susceptible to this style of book due to the graphic illustrations and comic strip like design This style could be paired with a non fiction book that informs the students of the information while simultaneously using this graphic novel to incorporate something to their liking Text to self I chose this text because I am fascinated in ancient history the culture of Egypt and the Egyptians myths to life I enjoyed reading about it growing up however feel like I could have benefited from a book of this style After a select period of time even certain books one is interested in become simple and somewhat boring I would have enjoyed having graphic novels common when I was a developing reader due to the fact that in this instance it merges a modern way of learning with classic historical information Text to world This graphic novel is applicable to the world in which we live in because traditional literature such as the stories of the Egyptian pharaohs are taught to primary age children growing up Children s may have difficulty connecting to simple non fiction books that only inform the reader of the facts and stories Having an informational text about traditional literature in a comic book format is beneficial because it engages the student in a new way integrating age appropriate material that appeals to eye of the reader

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